What is Sperm Donation ?
Sperm donation, known as the provision (donation) of sperm, is completed by a man who donates his healthy sperm for the purpose of achieving the pregnancy of a woman. When a man is found with the inability not to make her partner pregnant, then the prospected parents take help to another man's sperm to get her female partner pregnant and the person, who donates his sperm to complete this treatment, is called Sperm Donor.

Who can be a Sperm Donor ?
Fertility Donor Solutions welcomes to men of all ethnicities who are willing to help others and want to be a part of another's happiness. After following some requirements you are also eligible to become a donor,

• Age should be between 20 to 38 years.
• Are in good health and not have any hereditary disorders within your family
• Having high quality samples of semen.
• You must be agreed to donate the sperm.
• Should be ready for required blood, urine or other tests.

For helping the infertile couples through the techniques like IVF it is very necessary to have a reliable Sperm donation centers. The sperm donation centers collect the sperms from the donors, preserve them and use the same to help the infertile parents in inducing pregnancy artificially. The donated sperm is used in those infertile couples wherein the male is infertile. The infertility in males is caused due to various genetic reasons, infections and even due to physical damages. These days there is an increasing need of sperm donors, surrogated, oocytes donors and therefore it becomes necessary for an organization to be transparent enough in its working. In this clear-cut procedure a fine tube or needle with donor sperm is inserted within the vagina, cervix or uterus during the woman’s fertile time of the month i.e just after the menstrual

• Some men also have low sperm count or suffer from ejaculation problems which is why they are unable to induce pregnancy in their life partner.
• It might also be possible that the sperm is injected successfully but it does not move or function properly.
• Sperm donation has been approved by the law of India.
• But the law does not allow the donor to claim the custody or parental rights of the child.
• The custody is automatically transferred to the parents using the sperm.
• Though our families, neighbor, friends and the society does not consider it a good activity, but in the eyes of government, the associated organization and needy parents it is the most helpful activity.
• The cause might help in bringing happiness to some families.
How sperm donation centers work?
As mentioned above sperm donation centers work for bringing in fertility in infertile couples. The sperm donation centers provide a chance to infertile couple to recover the lost hope and have a child in their life. This phenomenon is helpful to the couples and also to the lesbians wherein artificial injection of sperm is required amongst the females to get a baby in their life.

Selection of Sperm donor in Delhi
We at FDS follow a specific process for the selection of Sperm donor in Delhi.
• In this process we screen the donors for their education qualification, medical history and their appearance.
• First the tests are done and basis on these screening we select our sperm donor in Delhi.
• Only the healthy sperm is preserved by the donation room for inducing healthy pregnancy in future.
• There is a particular selection process that every organization has to follow before selecting the donor.
• They welcome the men who are willing to help others in getting baby.
• The sperm donor is between the age group of 20 to 38 years.
• He must reside at the commutable distance.
• They should have a high quality of semen and should not have any hereditary disorders.
• This test is done to avoid any disability in the baby that will be given birth using the sperm.
• He is also required to be ready for all the tests before the donation.
• The tests include urine, blood and other tests.
The sperm donor can easily earn money within hours. The activity gives benefit to both the agency as well as the donor. While the donated sperm helps the infertile parents, the donor gets the monetary benefits. There are separate sperm banks and clinics that can be contacted for sperm donation. Various research centers and hospitals also collect the sperm.

Need for sperm donors
• Normal couples i.e. husband and wife- when the married couples face infertility due to weak or unhealthy sperm of the husband, it becomes difficult for the wife to conceive. In this case the couple opt for injecting the sperm artificially
• Lesbians- when two women are married to each other there is no scope of sperm going into female body. These couples also require artificial injection of sperm.
• Single woman- there is few women who do not feel like getting married but they are ready to experience the feeling of motherhood. Such women may opt for the donated sperm.
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At FDS we offer best selected donors for intended couples looking for treatment. Our relation with multiple IVF centres make treatment easy, convenient & hassle free.


All donors have gone through a strict selection and test procedures allow high quality data at our end. We guarantee the most ethical and transparent work @ FDS.

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Team FDS is always available to help couples for making their lives easy. We are known for our warm and amiable relations with partners.

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    "We are thankful to FDS team , Mr Shrikant & Mr Suresh for their efforts for making our dreams come true."

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  • Testimonials

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  • Testimonials

    "We are thankful to FDS team , Mr Shrikant & Mr Suresh for their efforts for making our dreams come true."

    Mr & Mrs Bansal…………….
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